The “Fine Art of Space Recognition” Videos

International Space Development Conference 2006 (ISDC06) Awards Video (shown on two large screens.)

ISDC06 Orbital Awards Event

3D Video of the Space Tourism Society’s “Dennis Tito” Award by artist/sculptor Eileen Borgeson. The Award is given to Private Astronauts who rocket off and spend a week at the International Space Station. Video taken at John Spencer’s (founder and President of Space Tourism Society) house.

Dennis Tito Award in 3D by Eileen Borgeson Launched “Freedom of Flight” 3-D Printed Sculpture by Eileen Borgeson at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit Oct. 7 at the Hawaii State Capitol Building showcased at the PISCES booth (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems).

3-D Printed Sculpture, “Freedom of Flight”, Launched at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit